The Australia project

The Bremer River recovery project was established by as a collaborative effort between local business, council, community and the International RiverFoundation in 2010, the Bremer River Fund set up as its core.

The Bremer River Fund has the following guiding principle:

To improve the health of the Bremer River, act with audacity and with a vision that exceeds current expectations. In particular, act to animate, activate and integrate the river with its cities, lands and communities.


  • Conserve and rehabilitate waterways and wetlands
  • Improve local access and enhance amenity, connectivity and recreational value for residents and tourists
  • Celebrate the history of the river and a sense of place
  • Promote sustainable production and industry
  • Promote partnerships and an integrated approach to managing the Bremer river


  • A signage series to display pictures and information about the people and wildlife of the Bremer
  • Over 4000 trees planted along 3km of Bundamba Creek through community planting days and school events
  • Urban wetlands project launched, creating natural native habitat and improving water quality in an urban park along the banks of Bundamba Creek
  • Ongoing indigenous engagement, with Traditional Owners leading vegetation improvements at cultural reserves
  • OzGreen secondary students program commenced, providing eduction and leadership program for schools in the Bremer River region
  • Twinning project initiated with the Oxley Creek to develop knowledge exchange and events based on corporate engagement in river management
  • Finalist in Healthy Waterways awards in ‘Government’ category, for works undertaken on Bundamba Creek
  • Support for the scenic rim landholder program ‘million trees’ initiative, with 20,000 new trees planted along river banks by private landholders