Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants

Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship

The Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship builds capacity in Integrated Water Resource Management to improve outcomes in developing countries. Awarded to a people from developing countries, the scholarship enables a student to study the International WaterCentre Master of Integrated Water Management in Brisbane, Australia by funding tuition, living expenses, travel allowances, visas and health cover, as well as attendance at the International Riversymposium.

Graduates gain the research, strategic and managerial skills they need to advance their careers in the water sector and become future leaders in integrated water management, in addition to a two-year Master’s degree endorsed by four leading Australian universities.

This scholarship is funded by the Thiess Family Trust, in the name of Ken Thiess, a young engineer who died during construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme in Australia. The scholarship rewards those who exhibit his commitment and dedication to water.


Applications for the Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship are currently closed.

Vera Thiess Fellowship for Women

The International RiverFoundation’s Vera Thiess Fellowship for Women gives women the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through the IRF and its partners, with the goal of advancing women’s participation in water and river management. This fellowship goes not only towards supporting the selected candidate, but towards continuing the important work of bridging the gap in women’s participation in river basin management.

Awarded in the name of the late Vera Thiess, a long-time supporter of the IRF, the Fellowship recognises Vera’s and the Thiess family’s long-time philanthropic support and commitment to forward-looking initiatives of the International RiverFoundation. Through the Fellowship, we honour Vera’s legacy by supporting women’s involvement in river basin and water management. We also acknowledge the inspirational role of the Thiess family, whose story began with five brothers who started a small earthmoving business that then grew into a globally respected establishment that overcame hardship, broke boundaries and forged new ground. Read more about the late Vera Thiess here.

Unlike a research fellowship, the selected candidate will have a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience with the IRF and its alumni and partners worldwide.


Applications for the 2017 Vera Thiess Fellowship Scholarship for Women have now closed. Applications for the 2018 fellowship will open in mid-2018.

Riversymposium sponsored delegates

The IRF organises for a range of professionals from developing countries to attend the International Riversymposium each year to advance learning, integration and innovation in river basin management.

As knowledge sharing is vital to sustainable rivers, the IRF Sponsored Delegates program is a key avenue through which professionals in developing countries can contribute to global dialogue on rivers and watershed management.


To visit the Riversymposium website, please click here.