Seqwater Water Steward Scholarship

The International RiverFoundation is proud to announce that we are accepting round two applications for the Seqwater Water Steward Scholarship. This scholarship will provide 20 emerging water professionals from Southeast Queensland access to the River Steward Program through our RiverAcademy platform. Submit your application and become a water steward in your community today!

The River Steward Program

The River Steward Program comprises three courses integral to understanding rivers and water management.

  • River Leadership – An introduction to leadership in context to driving positive change for river basins.
  • River Resilience – Resilience is a new way of thinking. The constant disturbance regime that rivers are facing has created a need for resilience.
  • River Restoration – Study the processes that operate in river systems and the landforms which they create or have created.

Recipients will also receive an hour personal mentoring session with an instructor of their choice. Each instructor has their own unique skillset that will further enhance the scholarship experience of the students.

Applications close the 1st of December 2021
Applicants must be located in South-East Queensland, Australia. 

Submit your applications to kurt@riverfoundation.org.au