Riverprize is the world’s foremost award in river basin management. It recognises and rewards organisations making waves in the sustainable management of the world’s rivers, whether at the grassroots or transboundary level.

The prize rewards inspiring initiatives that demonstrate Integrated River Basin Management to restore and protect rivers, wetlands, lakes and estuaries. Previous winners and finalists have received widespread recognition, built new partnerships, shared their knowledge and won other awards following Riverprize, becoming part of a network of river practitioners and experts from around the world.

In 2019, the Thiess International Riverprize will be awarded at the 22nd International Riversymposium in Brisbane, Australia.

Riverprize by region

Thiess International River<i>prize</i>

Thiess International Riverprize

European River<i>prize</i>

European Riverprize

Asia & Oceania River<i>prizes</i>

Asia & Oceania Riverprizes

North American River<i>prize</i>

North American Riverprize