Resilient Rivers Blueprint

River Resilience

The road to resilience can be a complex journey with the interdependence of environmental, social and economic outcomes. IRF is well positioned to champion resilience through two major programs: the 22nd International Riversymposium (Brisbane, 2019) and the International Resilient Rivers Blueprint.

The 22nd International Riversymposium will be held in Brisbane on 20-24 October 2019, and will focus on ‘Resilient Rivers’ as the overarching theme. Delegates from all over the world are invited to attend the symposium and participate in the discussions.

Resilient Rivers Blueprint

IRF is working to develop an International Resilient Rivers Blueprint for organisations around the world to commit to and transform their rivers into resilient rivers – resisting and recovering quickly from disturbances, ensuring water security for communities and contributing to the reduction of poverty. The Blueprint will be launched at the 22nd International Riversymposium in Brisbane, 2019.

River basin organisations from around the world are invited to become signatories to the Blueprint and pledge their commitment to implementing the Blueprint in their  river basin specific road-maps in their respective areas/regions.

For more information on IRF’s Resilient Rivers Blueprint click here.

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