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Resilient Rivers Blueprint

Resilience – a new way of thinking

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River resilience is the capacity of a river system and its associated communities to quickly recover from disturbances, adapt to changes without collapsing, and to improve through innovation and implementation of resilience strategies.

What is the Resilient Rivers Blueprint?

The Resilient Rivers Blueprint is a global platform to assess river resilience and connect to other people on their river journeys to share knowledge and experiences. The Resilient Rivers Blueprint incorporates the River Journey, the River Resilience Report Card, and the Resilient Rivers Hub. Each play a vital role in establishing the tools for building and achieving resilience in your river and community.

Who can use it?

Anyone committed to building river resilience:

  • Government
  • Industry
  • NGO’s
  • Communities
  • Research

Elements of the Blueprint


River Journey is a self-assessment tool to determine where on the spectrum of river uses and desired river aspects your river and community are situated. You will learn about other rivers and communities that are in a similar situation and we will be building a network of best practices for moving toward resilience.

River Resilience Report Card

The River Resilience Report Card is a data integration approach to quantitatively measure key indicators that determine how well you are building and achieving resilience. Indicators and thresholds will be developed for a variety of case studies.

Resilient Rivers Hub

The Resilient Rivers Hub is a networking website in which self assessment tools will be made available for the River Journey and a description of how to engage in developing a Resilience Report Card. In addition, the Hub will provide a forum for the exchange of river resilience knowledge and experience.

Founding Partners

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