The Tuul RiverForum

The Tuul RiverForum

The Tuul River’s journey to resilience

About this Event

Date: Thursday the 25th of November 2021
Time: 9:00 – 16:45 (ULAT) 11:00 – 18:45 (AEST)
Location: Zoom

The devastating effects of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have seen rivers and waterways around the world put under enormous strain. Overuse, pollution and the displacement of cultural connection to our rivers have resulted in degrading basins, poor water quality and unsustainable practices, affecting entire cities and regions. It is our mission to not only restore rivers and waterways around the world, but to ensure their resilience for the future. This can be achieved through the 1000+ Resilient Rivers campaign.

1000+ Resilient Rivers is underpinned by the Resilient Rivers Blueprint that maps and guides the resilience journey of each river/ waterway using scientific, social and cultural evaluation steps. In September 2021, the International RiverFoundation launched the 1000+ Resilient Rivers campaign, with the Brisbane River named the inaugural member. In 2020, the Tuul River was put through the Resilient Rivers Self-Assessment Tools and the results were showcased during the 23rd International Riversymposium (virtual) in November 2020. The Tuul River Basin and its resilience is one of the priority actions included in the Mongolian Government Action Plan 2020-2024. At the Tuul River Forum, we heard from those in the Government, environmental, social and economic sectors about the importance of the recognition and key priorities for the Tuul River.

Recognising the Tuul River as the very first river in Asia to join the resilience journey is a crucial step for ensuring the sustainability and survival of the world’s rivers for generations to come.


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