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Riversymposium 2022 Announcement: Key Dates and Themes


Riversymposium 2022 Announcement: Key Dates and Themes

We are excited to announce the 2022 International Riversymposium! Hosted in Vienna, Austria from 27-30 November by the International RiverFoundation, the International Riversymposium provides a platform for river managers, policy developers, scientists, consultants, NGOs and community organisations to share knowledge and innovative ideas on all aspects of river and water management. This year will be the 25th anniversary of the International Riversymposium, where we will be celebrating all those who have worked towards healthy and resilient rivers over that time. The in person event will be held with our partners the International Association of Water Service Companies, providing delegates with the ability to experience the picturesque Danube River, Vienna Christmas markets and stunning architecture of the city. In light of the success of 2021’s Hybrid Riversymposium, delegates  who are unable to join us in person will again be provided the opportunity to participate online using our virtual platform. This hybrid format provides us with the opportunity to continue to bring the global community together, fostering dialogue between diverse entities.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Journey to Resilience: Communities, Climate and Biodiversity‘, reminding us that we must work together to achieve river resilience. Rivers are the lifeblood of communities, cities and industries around the world but as they are challenged by our twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, lives and livelihoods suffer. We must recognise the fundamental connection between rivers, communities and the threat posed by these crises. Through the platform of the International Riversymposium, we endeavour to advance our efforts towards resilient rivers now, and into the future.

This year’s theme will be brought to life through the four sub-themes of: Basin Cities Dialogue; Water Security and Equity; Healthy River – Healthy Lives; and Connectedness and Partnerships. Each of these play a crucial role in working towards river resilience.

Basin Cities Dialogue aims to explore the connectivity between river basins and urban areas, including relationships between and stories of rivers, biodiversity, communities, business, government, and infrastructure. Through inviting a range of keynote speakers, Indigenous perspectives and workshop hosts to explore this topic, we aim to make the voice of rivers heard.

Water Security and Equity involves going beyond SDG 6 to explore the connecting role that rivers play in delivering equity and security for all embodied in the 17 sustainable Development Goals. We will explore climate adaptation, river extremes, resilient infrastructure and place-based design on rivers, and financing climate resilience for rivers and communities.

Healthy Rivers – Healthy Lives explores the interdependence between rivers, human health, well-being, and the role of reducing harmful pollutants to restore resilience and enable access, amenities and lifestyles. Biodiversity will be expounded on through presenting nature-based solutions to enable restoration of wetlands, rivers, estuaries and biospheres, with a focus on how to finance this biodiversity and its restoration.

Connectedness and Partnerships involves reflecting on, celebrating, and planning the ways in which we can come together across community, business and government to make our rivers resilient. This will be achieved through presenting innovation in monitoring and management.

The 25th International Riversymposium endeavours to bring the global community together to explore and develop solutions to the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. This year’s theme enables dialogue about practical and nature-based solutions to restoring biodiversity and the health of waterways, facilitating real-world actions and steps to achieve this. The 2022 Riversymposium is an unmissable event, with in-person and online participation options enabling involvement no matter geographical location. Register now to secure your spot and join us in Vienna in 2022!

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