Countdown to World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day 2022

Countdown to World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day on June 5 is the largest international day for the environment. It is a call to action for people, businesses, and governments to work together and commit to positive environmental change, and an extremely important day to all citizens of the Earth. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 2022 is a historical milestone as it marks 50 years since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment – widely viewed as the first international meeting on the environment.

2022’s theme, Only One Earth, commemorates the inaugural World Environment Day which pioneered this same slogan; clearly, the sentiments of half a century ago still ring true today. Since 1973, this important day has represented monumental collective action for climate action. Over the past five decades, millions of individuals have taken part in World Environment Days, helping drive change and motivate national and international environmental policy.

This year, World Environment Day will be hosted by Sweden and coincides with the United Nation’s International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development“. We believe that it is all our responsibilities to drive positive climate change, and at the International RiverFoundation we have been working since 2003 to facilitate leadership, collaboration and action to drive global river resilience – a necessity to combat the water-related challenges posed by climate change. Through the 1000+ Resilient Rivers Campaign, we champion the health of rivers and surrounding communities to ensure their resilience for years to come. Rivers are the heart of communities around the world, and it is crucial to ensure our rivers will be there for future generations. The 1000+ Resilient Rivers Campaign is underpinned by our Resilient Rivers Blueprint, a framework to assess, plan and build river resilience. We have worked alongside waterways such as the Brisbane River and Mongolia’s Tuul River to implement this blueprint and set them on their resilience journey. Our goal? To ensure the resilience of all the world’s river – no matter how big or small, rivers are a crucial component in the resilience of the planet.

You don’t need to be part of an organisation to get involved this World Environment Day. Individuals can transform their relationship with nature by building their Earth Action Number, which can include activities such as picking up rubbish from the beach, reducing single use plastic use, or even supporting local environmental groups and campaigns; every bit counts. Join millions of people around the world this June 5 by doing your part for the Earth – after all, we’ve only got one.

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