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Riversymposium 2022 Announcement: UNEP Partnership


Riversymposium 2022 Announcement: UNEP Partnership

It is exciting to announce that the International RiverFoundation will be partnering with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) at the 25th International Riversymposium! Aligning with the United Nations Decade for Action on Water, protecting and restoring key river ecosystems is vital to achieving the water-related Sustainable Development Goals. Water is essential to life, and the increasing demands of growing populations and the rapidly developing global economy – combined with the devastating effects of climate change – pose a major threat to global, sanitary water access. The objectives over this decade are to focus on the sustainable development and integrated management of water resources. The UN highlights that this agenda is only achievable, however, through cooperation and partnership at all levels – a point that will be explored in their Riversymposium workshop.

UNEP recognises that the world is facing a triple planetary crisis of climate, biodiversity loss and pollution, which impacts and is impacted by our rivers. In partnership with Rotary International, UNEP will be presenting a workshop this November that highlights their actions to help countries understand and step up for rivers globally. This is vital to achieve sustainable development, ecosystem and human health. They will be divulging their global freshwater strategic priorities and showcasing Rotary’s work on restoring rivers worldwide. For this global effort to be successful, however, strong partnerships at all levels are required.

This session will feature a discussion on developing effective partnerships to increase community and stakeholder action at the local level. These partnerships are crucial to protect, restore and sustain river ecosystem health. UNEP and its partners will also highlight the tangible examples of partnerships that have resulted in such positive action and provide audiences with a framework for applying the lessons learned from these partnerships to their own projects. Furthermore, any curiosities and queries will be answered in the subsequent Q&A session with these panellists, allowing participants to pick the brains of those implementing real-world, positive river action.

This session is not one to be missed! Register today to secure your spot at this eye-opening workshop. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting workshop and keynote announcements coming soon!

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