The Fig Tree Creek Sisters Catchment Project Update

The Fig Tree Creek Sisters Catchment Project Update

Fig Tree Discovery Day







As an Australian Riverprize winner, Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative (SCRI) members  have partnered with Capricornia Catchments to deliver the Fig Tree Creek Sister Catchment Project. This project has allowed both groups to benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise in sustainable river management; improving management of, access to and quality of water in this project area. These two groups have worked together in building a shared understanding of this twinning program.

The twinning program has yielded a number of worthy outcomes over recent years, including the establishment of the Fig Tree Creek Working Group, assisting with the development of the Fig Tree Creek Masterplan, the facilitation of various workshops, stakeholder engagement awareness campaigns and education days, and the execution of on-ground works.

Most recently, Capricornia Catchments commenced on-ground works in the Figtree Creek Catchment through the project “Bringing Back the Locals”. This project aims to support local residents who have properties adjacent to the creek, and will involve restoration works including weed and erosion management and revegetation. We look forward to seeing this project continue to grow and prosper in the years to come.


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