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Our First RiverTalk: Bushfires and Waterways

Our First RiverTalk: Bushfires and Waterways

“If there’s no Indigenous people in the room – be the brave one to ask why?”
Bradley Moggridge

“We have a history of starting monitoring programs… They don’t tend to show any changes so we just abandon them, rather than looking at them and going why aren’t we measuring the right things?”
Dr Fran Sheldon

These were some of our highlights from our very first RiverTalk as part of our RiverStreaming series. This one and a half hour morning webinar asked plenty of thought-provoking questions on the impact of bushfires on our waterways from a scientific perspective, and raised awareness on issues such as the need to include our Indigenous communities in the decision making process. We can’t thank the participants enough for their questions that drove the discussion, and our keynote speakers, Bradley and Fran, for their detailed answers.

If you’re interested in this topic, Bradley and Fran’s presentations are available to view here.


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