How do we transform our rivers to become resilient

How do we transform our rivers to become resilient

How do we ensure our rivers are here for future generations? Rivers are complicated, intricate systems that are often managed by multiple organisations and utilized by communities, big and small. Some rivers flow through national and international borders, some flow through cities and towns while others are remote and wild. Some rivers are used for recreation and add to the livability of a city, whilst others are workhorses that are only used for transport, mining and water supply.

Many rivers are struggling to cope with the pressures we place on them, let alone coping with global changes such as climate variances. How do we transform our rivers to become resilient, to bounce back after a shock such as a flood or drought?

In our June RiverTalk, Professor Bill Dennison walked us through the steps of identifying where your river currently is resilience wise, and how to develop an action plan to leapfrog our rivers to resilience. One point we gathered from our discussion today are that the human and cultural aspects are increasingly important.

A shout out to everyone who attended, we appreciate your input on the Resilient Rivers Blueprint framework.

If you’re interested in this topic, Bill’s presentation is available to view here.


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